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The plant produces high-quality resistors and potentiometers, and has expanded the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which provides services - tool mechanical. Among the contractors of the Department of resistors are customers from Sweden, Daewoo (car Matiz, Lanos), Philips Lighting Poland S.A and others.

Brief History:

Krak-Old Zakład Rezystorów S.A. is part of Krak-Old group, which includes: Telpod S.A. in Krakow, Head of Electrical Supplies - Elmet Rzeszów S.A. and P.P. Elmet S.A. in Koszalin and the network of wholesalers and distribution of electrical materials.

Krak-OldTelpod S. A.Elmet - Rzeszów S. A.P.P. Elmet S. A.

Krak - Old (which Krak-Old Zakład Rezystorów S.A. belong to) is also a shareholder and a member of a consortium of Polish Group Electric FORUM-RONDO Sp. Ltd. brings together over 50 companies operating throughout the country.

Forum Rondo

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